What Equipment do You Need to Start a Podcast?

What Equipment do You Need to Start a Podcast?

by Bruno
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What Equipment do You Need to Start a Podcast

What Equipment do You Need to Start a Podcast?


Today, we will discuss what podcast equipment you need to start a podcast.


The podcast audio quality of your podcast is extremely important. You could have the best content in the world, the most helpful information. But, unless it sounds excellent, which is the norm now, people will not listen to your show.

You might have microphones already available to you, some of your earbuds that you might have. Your computer probably has a built-in microphone, or you might even have other pieces of equipment that could work to get a show-up and running, and that’s fine.

However, to be successful in podcasting, you need a piece of equipment that you could use at a very cheap price.

Before choosing a podcast microphone, test some and choose the one that sounds very much like a professional podcasting mic.

There are microphones in the market that cost much less than any professional USB microphone but with a professional sound quality. There are also USB microphones that are great not just because they sound great, but because they are easy to use and they plug in via USB, serving as a bridge between your microphone and your computer (audio interface).

What Equipment do You Need to Start a Podcast

Shock mount

The second piece of equipment that you could use is getting a shock mount. This attaches to your microphone, which then connects to your stand.

It has a bunch of rubber bands on it, essential to absorb any vibrations and sounds that you don’t want getting into your microphone. So that’s what that shock mount is for.

There’s also the arm that you can use to clamp onto your desk, which is great because that way, you can just move your mic in and out really easily.

Some come with a stand if you want to use it right in front of you. However, some prefer to have the mic on an arm so you can move it out of the way.

More equipment

You’re also going to need a longer sort of USB cord to connect to this just so you have a little bit more wiggle room.

Then finally, you will need a Dragonpad pop filter which is really important. What pop filters do is to sort of attach to your microphone and then put a screen right in front of the mic so that when you say B words and P words, typically if you didn’t have that, it would make a really loud noise and it would just distort the audio. So that absorbs those B and P sounds that are very airy. So that’s a great thing to have too.

You will also need audio recording equipment, recording software, and audio editing software, such as Digital Audio Workstation, Adobe Audition

Your action item is to get the right podcast equipment ordered if you don’t have it already.