How to Pick a Podcast Launch Date

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How to Pick a Podcast Launch Date

How to Pick a Podcast Launch Date


“When am I going to launch my podcast?”

An important part of starting a podcast is to pick the podcast tentative launch date. Now you might want to say, “Well, I’m going to launch next week.”


Pick the launch date without a hurry

That’s totally fine; you could hypothetically prepare for the launch, have some episodes recorded, etc.

However, it’s better to give yourself and your audience some time to actually get excited about the launch date because your launch date should be treated like an event. 

That’s the best way to approach launching your podcast. Don’t just like, “Oh, here it is.” You want to make it a big deal, right? This is a big deal. You’re putting a lot of work, time, effort, sweat, recording, interviews, scheduling, all this other stuff.

Let’s make it worth it and make it a big, big day. 


When to set a podcast launch date

It’s recommended having your launch date set at least three weeks from now. That way you can fully get prepared, get the equipment, the artwork ready, etc.

There are also things such as your intro, getting your intro music or the voiceovers recorded if you want to go down that route. 

But again, you need time to let your audience know that this is coming out. You can start teasing it, even inviting people to a launch party and all these kinds of things. You can also tell your network about it so they all know when to promote it for you too.

But before going deeper, pick a launch date. Also consider that Tuesdays and Thursdays work out really well for podcasting. That’s when iTunes has certain things that can help promote your show a little bit more. 

For now, just pick a launch date, put it on the calendar, and share it anywhere you can, such as social media, your website, etc.