How to Choose a Topic of the Podcast?

How to Choose a Topic of the Podcast?

by Bruno
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How to Choose a Topic of the Podcast

How to Choose a Topic of the Podcast?


Today, let’s talk about the topic of your show. “Well, what’s your show going to be about?

We don’t expect you to know that right off the top of your head right now. Probably, the more important question to ask is, “Well, who’s your show for?”


How to Choose a Topic of the Podcast

Define your target audience

If you were asked, “Who’s your show for,” what would you say? This is really important to consider because when you understand who your show is for, you can imagine this person or this group of people on the other end when you’re recording on your microphone.

You know, one of the challenges when recording a podcast is, often, we’re by ourselves in an office or in a studio or at home.

There’s nobody to talk to, so it almost feels unnatural to do it that way because you are talking to people, but they’re on the other end and not even listening in real-time. So it’s kind of weird.

But when you imagine the person you’re speaking to on the other end as if they were listening to you in real-time, it becomes a lot easier for you to come out with beneficial information, to tell the stories in a real genuine kind of way.

So, who is your show for? What is this avatar, this person?

You need to know their demographic, age group, what they like and don’t like when they are listening to your show?

Now obviously, this avatar that you make up is not going to be everybody who listens to your show. But, still, it just becomes an ideal listener who you can imagine as you’re recording your episode.

It becomes a lot easier for you to actually come up with content or actually discover who the guests are that should be on your show too.


problems podcast solves

Problems your podcast may solve

Another great way to frame what your show is about is to consider what problems it’s solving for that particular group of people you’re creating the show for.

If your podcast were the cure, what disease would you be curing, if that analogy makes sense? Consider that.

How will your show benefit the person listening on the other end?

The best way to frame this is to consider, well, what’s the transformation a listener will have after hearing your show? 

Why transformation? Because they come into your show kind of in one form, and they come out of it in another, better or more excited or more motivated or with more information.

A person is going to be hopefully transformed after they listen to it. When a person becomes transformed, they definitely will become more of a raving fan. They will share your show. They will talk about your show with other people. That’s the goal we want to achieve.

Now, asking what the transformation is, it’s essential to ask why this show is here anyway or what its purpose is?

But it focuses on that person, a group of people, on that niche that you’re in. So go into iTunes right now, whether on your desktop or mobile and start looking at the different categories in which you can imagine your podcast.

You don’t have to choose it right now, but you can actually look at the shows and see, well, what would make your show stand out or different? What types of shows exist? Which ones are the most popular? Why do you think they’re popular? What kind of transformation are those shows giving to their listeners?

Then how will your transformation differ? What will be the unique selling proposition about your particular show or the episodes you record?

Consider that and think about those things quickly, and then when you’re ready, write down the transformation you want your audience to have after listening to your show.

Where were they, and where are they going to be coming out of it? Do that. It might take maybe 10, 15 minutes.