How Podcasting Works: Podcasting as a Powerful Tool to Create Authority

How Podcasting Works: Podcasting as a Powerful Tool to Create Authority

by Bruno
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How Podcasting Works

How Podcasting Works: Podcasting as a Powerful Tool to Create Authority


In this article, we will talk about how podcasting works. You need all this information to know what you’re getting into and why this is really important. 

How people find your podcast

How Podcasting Works

Let’s talk about it from a consumer’s point of view. First of all, how will people find your show? Of course, they’re going to find your show on your website. 

If you already have a website or an audience, maybe you have social media accounts and stuff, they’re going to find your shows that way after you share your podcasts on these platforms.

They can also find your podcast shows through iTunes. iTunes is not just a great place to show you top-ranking episodes. It’s also a great place to have your show be found via search. It’s actually an amazing search engine like Google and YouTube. People are looking for content on iTunes just like they’re looking for content on Google. 

If you can be there, and your episodes are there to serve people, you will have listeners and subscribers come in. This will help you get more downloads and higher rankings.

People also can find your show through recommendations. This happens very often through the people that you interview, through people in your network, friends and family. They’ll share your podcast episodes with others too.

Another cool thing about podcasting is that many people have podcasting water cooler talk. You know how a show that comes out, and then people start talking about that show later on? That’s something that doesn’t usually happen with blog posts and articles, but with podcasting, that actually does happen quite often. 

You’ll find that people actually start to talk about certain episodes you create once you begin building and forming this community.

Regarding how they get your show, they could either listen to that show directly on your website or on iTunes by clicking the play button for whatever episodes they seem interested in. However, the power comes from when they subscribe. When they subscribe to your show, they automatically get updates when new episodes are automatically put into their devices. 

The next time they open up their device, if you happen to recently come out with an episode, boom, there it is. So it’s already there. 

That’s why getting subscribers is essential because you can exponentially grow your show from there. Of course, people who subscribe to your show, who love it, and you give them calls to action to share it, they’re going to share it with more people. So more people will subscribe, and your show will grow from there.

If anybody ever asks, “Hey, what is a podcast anyway?” you can say, “It’s like on-demand radio or on-demand audio shows. It’s your show, which is really cool, and people will be listening to it on-demand at a time of their convenience, and anywhere. They can listen to it when they are on a walk, in the car, or at the gym, etc. And that’s the coolest part.

That way, you can actually insert yourself into people’s lives. This is something you cannot do with blog posts and articles.


Podcasting as a way to build relationship

Podcasting as a way to build relationship

Think about how much time people are listening to your podcast versus those other forms of content. It really becomes a massive way for you to build these relationships in a scalable manner. 

Podcasting is the best relationship builder. It’s better than any other kind of content you can create. But, actually, this is not how it works.

You could think that every time you record a brand new episode, you export it, and then you upload it directly to iTunes, and that’s how iTunes finds out you have a new show. 

That’s actually not how it works on iTunes and other directories like Stitcher and Google Play. What you do is set up your show and create a feed. Every time you create a new show, a new show gets inserted into that feed. That feed is what you give iTunes or Stitcher, or Google Play. 

Those directories check in automatically with that feed every few hours, seeing if there is any new audio content there. If there is, directories post it. What’s really cool is that after you get this set up and go through the process a couple of times, it mostly becomes automated. iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, etc., automatically show the new episodes you come out with. That’s because they’re connected to the place where they know your new shows will come out. 

Again, it might be even a little more technical than you need to know right now, but we share the process with you because it’s actually a lot easier than you think to create all of this and get started.

iTunes and all the other directories will upload and actually show your show and episodes automatically, which is really cool.


Benefits of becoming a podcaster

Benefits of becoming a podcaster

Finally, let’s talk about the benefits that you will have as a podcaster by going through this process, discussing each of them one by one, the ones that you should be getting really excited about. 

What’s really cool about podcasting content, the people you interview or the shows you come out with is that it can become evergreen content. So there are episodes that people did years ago that continue to get found in iTunes, Google. They keep getting new subscribers and new people listening to the shows. 

For a very long time, the content you create now will be an excellent engine for you to actually get new people into your brand, which is really exciting. It can be evergreen content, stuff that stays alive and helpful for you and your brand for quite a long time. Secondly, you get to connect with amazing people, especially if you’re doing an interview show. 

The people that you interview can actually become your good friends. It’s exciting because if you asked some of those people: “Can you spend 30 minutes of your time, I want to talk to you?,” more than likely, they’d probably say no because they’re really busy, right? So when you have a podcast, it becomes a platform for you to actually have an excuse to talk to these people. This is really cool because you’re also giving back to them. You’re introducing them to your audience, and they’re getting something in return too.

It’s not just a little conversation, but of course, any time you chat with somebody for that long, you’re going to become friends with them, and you can follow up with them. That’s really cool because that allows you to form partnerships and relationships with other people in your space or other influencers in your industry. It’s super, super powerful. 

Not only that, you become more of an authority in your space.


Become an authority in your industry

Become an authority in your industry

Not everybody in your industry is probably going to start a podcast. So this is an excellent way for you to stand out. But, still, more than that. Podcasting allows you to use your voice to actually share some knowledge about a specific topic. It allows you to show that you have some knowledge worth listening to and worth subscribing to. 

You become more of an authority figure. This means you’ll earn trust a little faster with your audience and then share your message in a more powerful way.

You can sell products, get your audience to take action, actually listen to your message and share it. So really cool things happen when you build authority, and a podcast is a great way to do that.

With podcasting, your voice becomes powerful. It allows you to build a real relationship with your audience. People come up to you and talk about how much they love listening to your show. 

It’s exciting because the way they can talk to you after listening to your show is like you’ve been friends forever.

More important is that building a relationship with your audience is long-term. This allows you to serve your audience better. 

Of course, starting a podcast, putting your voice out there, exposing yourself in this way gives you some side opportunities that you would have never even dreamed of. 

Book publishers can come your way because of your podcast. You can have people from Hollywood reach out to you with an offer to work with you and more. This way, you can monetize your podcast shows.

Again, more than anything, because you’re serving your audience with your voice, podcasting becomes a very powerful door opener for you.