Best 23 Topic Ideas for Your Podcast

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Podcast Ideas for Your Podcast

Best 23 Topic Ideas for Your Podcast


So it is great to have a podcast, but how do you choose a topic? On which you can talk on and people are interested in listening too. Best podcast ideas are usually the one’s that follow our “questions to ask before you choose a podcast topic”, which is given below.

Podcasting is a fever that is catching on pretty rapidly with people of every age. The mass population is becoming quite busy, and to even get information is a hassle to read.

That is where podcasts and audio books slide in. Every person on his way to commute or school could easily listen to any audio and gain valuable information or have a bit of entertainment

Five Things To Think On When Deciding A Topic For Your Podcast What Is

1. Who is your audience?

2. What’s your personal interest?

3. What’s your Specialty?

4. Can it be monetized?

5. Is It Entertaining?

Now, that you know what your podcast topic must comprise of, the difficult part is actually cooking up a podcast idea. You cannot have the same thing someone else is. Even if you are doing a similar podcast you must stand out

Here are some 23 odd topics you can make your podcast on.

1. Your Favorite Topic / Topic You Are Interested In

Everyone has certain topics that they are interested in and hence easier to talk about. Since you are interested the amount of time spent in research is generally low. since it is good to talk about with people what they love or what you love. this topic is great for beginners and could be you best idea for podcasts.

2. Your Failures And Trials, could be your best podcast ideas

Everyone fails at something or has tried and failed. People who are interested in these particular topics want someone to be their guide and show them the ropes.

As many say ‘failures teach people a lot of things’ and it’s better to know where not to step.

3. Locality News (Something That Is Not Covered By Major Media Outlets)

A lot of news around your locality often gets skipped by news sources. But the cherry on top is that a lot of people like to know what’s happening hyper locally. Since a lot of people work long hours and are unable to catch up to what’s going on around.

podcast 8 1 Podcast Start Point

4. Celebrity Gossip, Rumours

Yes, I know a lot of major outlets cover celebrity news and articles, but still there are a lot of small-time celebrities that are not covered and still big enough for people to care about them. We’ll gossip is something that is always better from somebody else’s perspective, so let loose your imagination.

5. Job (Internship) Experiences

Bosses aren’t the kindest or gentlest of people when it comes to thrashing or shouting on people. And since a lot of people are frustrated about their work bosses it gives them a motive to engage in your podcast and give you better reviews. Everyone loves a good rant and even more so when they can relate to your ranting

6. Hypothetical Ideas / Thoughts

Basically, what if? Ideas / thoughts. Anything that is imaginable can be covered under an hypothetical idea . It gives you the option to talk about absolutely anything. For example, what if world war 1 never happened, what if America never became independent?  What if Katy Perry was not as talented as she is? Anything!

7. Dear Ava (Advice Column)

We owe it to our upcoming generations to impart our knowledge to them, dear ava is an advice column for the people younger in age or experience, since a lot of people face difficulties doing various things it is a great idea for podcasting since information keeps bringing people back to your podcast.

8. Narrate Yourself Doing Things

We all have the innate feeling of knowing what’s going around us or what’s going on in somebody else life, as a podcaster you can engage your audience by using their curiosity to know what’s going on keeping them stuck to their chairs trying to figure out what it is you are doing, chilling and listening to what you explain. Note: You have to be quite innovative and accurate in letting them know what you are doing to make them stick longer also having social media following could be good, let them sump for you.

9. Quote of the day (Also Explain And Expand Upon)

There are over 10000 different quotes of the day that you can tell people, inspiring them and giving them a short lesson. explaining what your quote means would be pretty good of a point to make since most people struggle understanding complex philosophies hence giving them a reason beyond the short motivation to stick around.

10. Look Back At A Past Event Or Life Experiences

We all have moments in our lives that were significant , and made us who we are or maybe just a moment that was ecstatic or down right stupid and gave you life lesson or laughs to cherish, or maybe a heartbreak that motivated you and you thin would a good story with even a better moral for the listeners.

11. Podcasting For Certain Events

We all have attended high school events, parties or ball games. What do all of these events have in common? High volume of chaos and gossip info, and for people listening could be a way to know the score or listen to fights between friends and have a good time. It could even be a marriage and hence giving people who could not attend the wedding a chance to be part of the celebration.

12. Interview Taxi Drivers

Taxi drivers literally roam the whole city and watch things go down that we may never even imagine, making their stories unique and worthy of being shared to people and since you are helping a community of people come in light in front of hundreds of listeners it creates awareness about their lives and makes listeners appreciate them and in turn you for covering their stories.

13.Read Books And Try To Guess The Ending Or Next Events In The Particular Book

We all love a good game of guess, it is highly engaging and since it gives people a reason to keep coming back to know if they or you were wrong about the book. Not to mention the amount of people reading these days is rapidly going down so a good book may just be worth it for a lot of listeners as it may replace kindle books and also give them a community to interact.

14. Take A Walk And Explain People What You See Around, Best Podcast Ideas For The Travelers

Twitch is booming with IRL streamers even today, and the same can be done with podcasting platforms. Just walk around and let people know where you are taking a walk, telling them the details around certain things you love around the area or if you have any memories adjoined with the location you are in.

15. Describing Objects / People / Brands For People To Guess

This is quite similar to the above topic but the difference is you are playing an interactive game of guess with the listeners. It is also a great thing for people who due to medical or any other reason cannot leave their apartments and makes them appreciate what you do even more.

16. Bringing In The Team From A Particular Brand

Most brands these days have a story behind them that is not only inspiring but also of their hard work and the risks they took to be at the position they are at today, and the team working behind a brand is not often appreciated making it a perfect reason for listeners to listen to your podcast, not to mention brands mean lucrative brand deals.

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17. Ghost Stories

We are all just scared little chickens trying to brave life as it comes but spooky stories send chills down our spines, since a lot of people love to be scared this is a great thing to podcast about. There is just something about abnormalities and mysteries that makes us keep listening.

18. Comedy Podcast is the best podcast ideas ever

You could literally podcast stand up comedy sessions between some of your friends and create a hilarious session for people to engage in. Well it is not necessary to be a stand up comedian, on the other hand if you can make people laugh even by doing dumb things this format could work for you.

19. Telling Alternate Ending For Popular Stories

Most stories have a definitive end and that makes it good, but since they have been the same for a long time people like to think about what if a particular character did something to change the course of the story leading to alternate ending. And if you crunch your brain for some epic alternate ending it could make it quite entertaining for people to listen.

20. Interview General Population

Everyone of us has story no matter how boring or how stupid. And since all of us love to make our stories heard and people love to listen to stories since the perspective changes every human to human. And since you interview anyone people could sought out your podcast to give their stories a medium a platform to be heard, which could totally become your best podcast ideas.

21. Technology

Technology is quite a big sector and a lot of people have engaged themselves already in the ins and outs of the tech world but that makes it much more effective if you can give information that even the very top news channel cannot, making your content unique. There are a lot of things major headliners miss out on that you could cover.

22. Blind Topic Talks

People love watching people fail, that’s just how we humans are but you could turn their curious eye into you profit by podcasting about topics you don’t know about and learning through the course of the podcast what it is and everything, since some people are also nice they will make sure you have the info by the end of the podcast making every person engaged in your podcast.

23. ASMR, Truly Best Podcast Idea

The original thing to podcast about was ASMR sounds, I’m not saying run a podcast with good music but who’s gonna stop you? ASMR can be done in many ways, husky voice just talking or someone eating chips or maybe even rain splattering on your front yard. to sum up anything that has a satisfactory tone to it and makes people listen to it is ASMR. Hands down the best of the best podcast ideas.

Summary Of Best Podcast Ideas

In the end, your podcast has to be an combination of 3 main criteria:

  • Your interest for the particular subject
  • An interested audience for the topic
  • Your ability to put forth unique angle on a topic

The best shows/podcast ideas are condensed on these 3 key aspects and they guide many of the content driven decisions that their producers / narrators make to engage with their audience

As you figure out your podcast topic, remember the only limit is your imagination. Certainly use our 23 podcast ideas to generate your creativity, then let yourself run wild generating a list of options. Pare them down by answering the 5 critical questions And You Have The Best Goddamn Solution For Best Podcast Ideas.