6 Barriers that Keep You away from starting podcasting

6 Barriers that Keep You Away from Starting Podcasting

by Bruno
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6 Barriers that Keep You Away from Starting Podcasting

6 Barriers that Keep You Away from Starting Podcasting


Many podcasts come, and many of them have a short life. However, one thing you can notice between all podcasters out there that determines their success or failure is what happens in their minds. 

You know, the mind is a very powerful thing. It can really help us achieve many of our goals and even things that we never knew we could do, but it can also stop us from achieving the things we want. 

So let’s walk through some of the  barriers you might encounter and then how to get over them.


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#1 Fear

So let’s start with number one. You probably have some sense of fear or resistance to actually podcasting. Maybe you’re going through these articles already and are having some doubts. Well, that’s actually a good sign.

Even though you are definitely afraid of doing the things, there’s always something amazing on the other end, which tells you that this fear is actually a sign that:

  • You think this is something fundamental;
  • There are great things that will happen if you bust through those  barriers.

So it’s okay to have fear. It’s okay to be scared; it’s completely natural. Everyone feels the same things. But you shouldn’t see it as a sign of weakness or that you might not know just what to do.

The whole purpose of fear is to stop you from doing things that are dangerous.

It’s like an innate thing we have in our brains to survive back when we were cave people, but right now, that fear should be a sign that this is the right direction for you and that you should keep going, so keep going.


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#2 Your own voice

You might not enjoy the sound of your own voice very much. It’s a very common thing. Actually, no one likes the sound of his voice, and that’s something that actually may almost stop you from starting podcasting because you may be afraid of what people would say.

But guess what?

It’s not about how you feel about your voice, and actually, if people are listening to your show and say they don’t like your voice, well, then they have bigger issues, and they shouldn’t be listening to your show anyway.

It should be about the content that you produce with excellent audio quality, and that’s all. So don’t even worry about your voice. It’s not about what you think about your voice; it’s about the value that you’re providing to your audience.


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#3 Fear of ending up with no audience

You might be saying to yourself, “Well, what if I do all this and nobody listens? What if I put in all this hard work, and there’s nobody listening on the other end?” Well, if you put in hard work and go through the podcasting step by step, following our pieces of advice, there will be people listening on the other end.

But more than that, remember that there are listeners waiting to hear the content you have to share. So you just got to put yourself out there and find them.

And yes, you might not be able to predict how successful your show will be. But, we’re going to try to make your show as successful as possible. 

But the one truth is if you don’t get started, nobody is going to listen to you. So let’s get started.


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#4 Fear of podcasting becoming a chore

Another  barrier that you might come across is that this will start to feel like a chore for you.

The moment you hit publish, it’s like, “Oh gosh, I got to record another episode for next week.” Stay organized as much as possible.

It may be more challenging for some of you than others. But our shared tips and strategies will help you stay organized and on top of your schedule, so it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Also, you should just have fun along the way because guess what? Not everybody’s going to do this. 

Not everybody has access to the power of podcasting, but here you are actually putting it all together. You should be proud of that and be excited about it too.


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#5 Technology

Technology holds a lot of people back from a lot of things. Realize that it’s not push-button easy, but getting through the technology is like learning a new language. 

It’s a bit difficult up-front, but once you get going, it becomes effortless once you get started with it. So that’s why we’re here doing this now, putting in the hard work now so you can reap the benefits later. You got this.


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#6 Forgetting why you have started

Finally, the biggest  barrier that you might have is forgetting your “why.” Actually, this isn’t really a  barrier. It’s more of a reason why all these other things exist, and that is forgetting your “why.”

Why are you doing this in the first place? You may have written this down earlier, but formally write it down now in your little worksheet. Write down your “why.” Why are you doing this podcast?

Figure out how you can actually write this down somewhere else. Make it easily accessible to you so you can never forget it because when you’re deep in the trenches of your own work, you fail to zoom out sometimes and remember why you are even doing this in the first place.

This is a very common thing that happens every single day. The reason can be you want to help others, stay with your family, serve as many people as possible, maybe because it’s just so freaking fun, etc.

It means that you are in your home office recording a show that gets listened to by millions of people, and even if it was hundreds of people, just think about it.

Hundreds of people on the other end are listening, who have you as a part of their day. So don’t forget your “why.” Keep it at the top of your mind, especially when times get tough. 

That’s going to help you break through any sort of obstacles that come your way. So, again, your action item here is to write down that “why”.

All these  barriers can keep you away from starting. But when you finally just get started, things will eventually begin to happen. And yes, your first episodes may not be excellent, but you can get them out there. 

Each episode will be better and better and better, and you will feel you are a natural at this.

You can also check some of the successful podcasters’ first shows. Hopefully, it will give you some encouragement because it’ll show you just how far they have come but also where they have started from, and you’re probably better off than where they started from, so it’s kind of corny to listen to.